I’m interested in humans. I think humans are so fascinating, and the fact that we’re like, beautiful, and violent, and vile, all in the same breath. That the mundane and the exalted can live very simultaneously; and I think I’m more interested now in not the romanticized version of what people are, but what people actually are. Thats the stuff that just like, totally gets me off.
Annie Clark (St. Vincent)
Some men do the dinner dishes every night. That doesn’t make their wives free. On the contrary, it’s just one more thing she has to feel grateful to him for. He, in the power and glory of his maleness, condescended to do something for her. It will never mean more than that until the basic power relations are changed. As long as men are the superior caste and hold the political power in the class relationship between men and women, it will be a favor your lover is doing you, however imperiously you demand it. And beyond that one thing, nothing else need have changed.

Dana Densmore

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Oooooh girl. Now that I live with a lesbian couple I’ve been wondering why the dishes situation feels soooo fucking different and this articulated it perfectly.

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This is really well put, and it rings true in my own situation - I do all the cooking, cleaning and childcare, but if I fuck up with any of those things, in the eyes of general society, I don’t get the blame - she does, because they think it’s still fundamentally her responsibility, she gets the blame for delegating badly. People think I’m amazing for doing normal, everyday standard shit, and I never get criticised because they think it’s a miracle that I’m even doing it in the first place. If she was doing what I do people would think of her as just a run of the mill housewife, but for some reason it makes me exceptional. It’s bullshit.

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My sister and her fiance are going through some shirt right now because he’s a man. Prior to them moving in together, he had been taking care of himself for years, doing laundry, cleaning, etc. Then she’s there and he’s suddenly become a stupid helpless baby who needs her explicit directives to do anything at all related to housework. The dude has a doctorate from an Ivy and he can’t figure out when to start dinner?

Civilization would crumble into foul-smelling, bedraggled, malnourished chaos if not for the unpaid care work of women.

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